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A trip to Mallorca at the age of 14 years would leave an impact on Juana which would change her life forever. This was the moment when she saw for the first time and fell in love with FLAMENCO.

On turning 16 Juana was free to follow through with her desires for past 2 years and started evening classes in London with teachers Margaret Colato and Lalagia. In a short time Juana started to perform in London and other cities in the UK with Rafael de Sevilla and Antonio Vargas.

The same year Juana brought an LP ‘EL SALI y SU BALLET ESPAÑOL’ and she said to her friend “I’m going to marry El Sali". It was again, love at first sight. She was even more sure of this statement after seeing him dance in Lloret de Mar while on holiday the following year.

On her return from holiday she was surprised to learn that El Sali would be performing at Antonio’s Spanish Restaurant, Long Acre, London where, after work, she helped out taking people’s coats in the evenings. As soon as he began dancing there Juana and El Sali began conversing about her love of Flamenco and that she played the piano.

Juana joined El Sali as a principal dancer and pianist touring around Spain, England, Scotland, Wales,and Ireland. The Company performed at some of the most prestigious theatres in the UK such as ‘The Royal Albert Hall’ and ‘Winter Gardens’ Bournemouth & Blackpool. Juana and El Sali moved to Spain together but sadly she decided to move back to the UK with her two small children several years later, when their relationship had ended.

Over the next decade Juana was dedicated solely to raising her children and left the flamenco world during this time. Keen to get involved again Juana decided to go back to class with Maribel La Manchega and Nuria Garcia in London. She later began teaching Flamenco in the East of England, to which she continues to date.

Juana started to perform in the UK once again as well as in Madrid and Cyprus. During the next few years Juana would perform and act in diverse productions such as Mission Control that featured Cliff Richard, a BBC2 documentary in 1995 called “Y” Flamenco in which she was featured, “Chando Encanto” at the Southbank, London and appeared as background artist in many films, adverts and tv including Channel 5 ‘Family Affairs’. More recently she has performed with her daughter in “CARMEN” at the Royal Opera House, Royal Albert Hall and The O2.

In 2008 Juana created the Spanish dance company ‘Temperamento Español’ which has performed across the UK at various functions including The Bridewell Theatre London and in festivals such as the Birmingham Dance Festival in 2010.

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Juana Jimenez
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